If you’re preparing for the CFA exam, you know how important it is to gauge the strength of your CFA exam prep.

That’s why we’ve created a survey that assesses how good your study approach is based on your study habits, financial experience, and support system.

After completing the survey, you’ll receive a score that reflects the effectiveness of your approach.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what each score range means and share tips to help you increase your chances of passing.

Whether you’re a Level I, II, or III candidate, we have insights that can help you boost your confidence and your chances of success.

 Score: 60-65

So you scored in the highest percentile on study habits, financial experience, and support for your efforts.

You should pass easily if you keep doing what you’ve been doing.

You’ve been using a variety of materials, taking care of yourself with exercise and eating right and taking breaks, and you believe you can do this.

Just keep it up. With focused study and enough hours spent, you will pass.

If you are a Level III candidate, let me extend an early welcome to a global community of peers!

If you want still more competitive edge, here’s how to trigger the Flow State and boost your learning and retention even higher.

If you want to increase the ROI on your time spent, the top candidates use the free version of the Studious app for automatic tracking and a prioritized review phase set up while you work.

Score: 50 – 59

You know how to make this happen and you’re putting your knowledge to work. Chances of passing? If you keep this up and you put in the necessary hours and you focus deeply while studying, over 90% chance of passing.

Want to make that higher? The only thing you need to improve is how deeply you work while you are studying (and up your exercise to at least 5 days a week — a walk around the block counts!).

 The concept of deep work is making investment professionals and information workers more productive and satisfied. High performance people know that the distractions of today’s life rob them of time to let their talents shine. The same is true of the CFA exam prep. We wrote up a detailed explanation with action steps just for CFA candidates.

To reinforce the habits of deep work, you might consider using the free version of the Studious app. Use this tool every study session to establish the quiet and right mindset to make study time count.

 Score: 30-49

You can still pass, we’ve seen it happen. But you’ll improve your chances if you make changes now.

You can make you way easier by eating healthy and getting some exercise, by adding variety to your study materials, and by taking breaks from screen time during study breaks. Spend time outdoors, with family, or even resting your eyes!

Yeah, we know you’ve heard all that before.

It’s not rocket science, knowing how to implement a study plan to pass.

Then why aren’t you doing it? Sometimes life just doesn’t let candidates do the work. Or candidates need to fall in love with their goals again.

You might find that the paid version of the Studious app grants you the nudge you need to get on and stay on your ideal study plan. Your tracking progress can be monitored by a Studious CFA charter holder. Many more pass their exams by having that nudge — and knowing that someone is watching out for their success.

Score: 10-29

Finishing the CFA program is like running a marathon. The training is hard, the race is long, and few can endure the hardships. If you want to be the 1 in 5 who complete the race, you have to up your game.

Or take each level multiple times. Which makes the race just longer, not easier.

Do you have flagging motivation, lack focus when you study, have distractions that take your attention, or find solitary self-study to be unbearable? We find that most failures fit into one of these categories.

You should also reach out and get some support. Find a mentor, a study buddy who will push you, a class that can engage you, or consider one of our programs that we have designed to boost everyone over the finish line.

Whatever you choose, do it today. There is no time to waste if you want to grab this brass ring.

Ready to take next step?

Passing the CFA exam is a challenging task, but with the right study habits, financial experience, and support system, it can be achieved.

Whether you scored in the highest percentile or need to make some changes, there are resources available to help you on your journey.

We highly recommend creating a free account and using the Studious app to track your progress and stay focused.

With dedication and hard work, you can join the global community of CFA charter holders.

👉 Try the Studious app at no cost.

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