Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🧠 Daily Quests for Success: Unlock knowledge and test your skills with daily questions. The more quizzes you take, the closer you’ll get to your CFA goals!

    📈 Smart Tracking: We’ve got your back! We track your progress, highlight strengths and weaknesses, and use cognitive science to boost your learning at just the right moment.

    🌟 Dive Into the Full Experience: Ready for takeoff? Jump into the full Studious journey and make every study session count! Get started today!

  • Studious Standard is now free for Level I!

    Studious Guided, working asynchronously with tutors, costs $29.99/month.

    If you are interested in Studious Live, which includes hands on support with weekly meetings with a tutor leveraging your performance data in the Studious App, please submit the contact form.

    This program costs $299/month and has limited availability.

  • Studious AI quickly assesses your strengths and weakness in different topic areas and then helps guide you on the most efficient way to fill in your learning gaps.

  • 📖 Studious Roadmap: Get the Most from Your 300 Hours of CFA Exam Prep

    Reading and Learning Material (90-120 Hours): Start with Studious’ diagnostic quiz to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Let our AI guide you through key readings, saving precious time.

    Focused Practice (120-150 Hours): After learning, dive into 1,000+ tailored practice questions, videos, and flashcards. Benefit from a custom learning path that enhances retention.

    Final Performance Prep (60 Hours): Simulate test day with additional quizzes to become performance-ready. Studious plans and monitors your prep based on proven learning science.

  • Studious fills gaps in your knowledge from resources like Schweser, Wiley, and classes. It’s like having a tutor identify weak spots and serving you customized quizzes to fill them in.

  • Discover the Salt Solutions advantage with comprehensive CFA curriculum instruction via engaging videos, notes, and question banks. Enter Studious, your companion in bridging Salt knowledge gaps.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time. Make sure to enter your exam date on signup, and we will check in with you to make sure you are still studying.

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