How are you going to nail the exam?

Time is on your side to start now. 

The Studious plan takes 9 months. Yes. 9 months. 

You are busy, the material is hard and copious. 

9 months is the secret. 

What does an ideal plan look like? It looks like get started now with 2 months habit building and mindset setting.


    5-15 minutes a day. Build habits. Review industry content, make your plan. 

5 months

40 hours a month reading and doing practice questions at the end of each reading. 

2 months

    Review. This time is necessary to practice exams plus cement your knowledge. 

40 hours a month to read, 20 hours a month to build habits, 30 hours a month to review. 

How do you get started? Just start.

Try our weekly program for free! This is a Studious Starter Tool that solves the problem of how to get started. You will learn about the CFA charter and community — and you will build your study muscle by the daily checkins.

You’ll learn about the CFA community and get even more motivated to gain your charter through videos and readings. You’ll be ready to study for the 5-month phase of reading the curriculum. 

Start now – December 1 – 9 months to August 2023.


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