My name is David, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Studious.

Not too long ago, I was doing test prep just like you, except I was studying for the GMAT. Then, as an MBA candidate at Wharton, I started teaching test prep classes to help pay my way through school.

Things were going great—even after I graduated, I built up a dossier of new clients that just kept growing and growing.

Until one day it stopped. March of 2020 saw virtually every industry on the planet grind to a screeching halt, education especially. And while those of us who worked in test prep saw a loss in revenue, it was ultimately the students who suffered.

In 2020 the CFA Level I pass rate plummeted by 50%—an unprecedented decline.

Turns out our digital learning tools were simply not equipped to handle the sudden, massive migration to online education.

Enter Studious.

In my search for a solution to the Digital Learning Deficit, I was able to partner with like-minded educators in Cynthia and Ryan to build a new platform that would actually help people learn.

Leveraging AI, cognitive science, behavioral psychology, and a community of learners and educators, Studious is more than just another content hub. Sure, you’ll find practice questions, mocks, and video lessons—but there’s so much more!

Stay tuned for next time, where Ryan will explain the Studious Method, or how to optimize online education.


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